At Motor, we believe that everything starts with a good, insightful idea that could work in all platforms. Once we’ve found that idea, we set things in movement and choose the best platform to execute the idea.

But before we get that far, we’ve thoroughly researched the relevant industry and market. Time after time, that’s proven to be worth the effort. Because it’s usually in this preparatory work that we come across the golden insight that can later be transformed into the basis of an entire campaign.

We are communications advisors and advertising people, but we are also archaeologists, researchers, and explorers who take on every new project with equal parts care and enthusiasm. That’s why we always put a lot of energy into understanding what kind of project we’re getting involved with. Target group. Market. Culture. The company’s business and organization. Anything that can be relevant in any way is something we want to know about – so that we can do our work properly.

And last but not least – the right professional match can be an important part of a project’s success, as can personal chemistry. Our flexible set-up means that no one is locked into a particular role.


We are an advertising and communications company founded in late 2013. Today, we’re a close-knit team of senior people dedicated to a rising number of projects and customers we work with on a candid and personal basis.

As a customer at Motor, you won’t have to deal with intermediaries that slow down the process and make your project more expensive. Our goal with Motor has been to create an agency with short, flexible lines of command, since we have senior people at every post. When the assignment requires, we supplement and optimize our team with help from our wide network of gifted advertising specialists.


We chose the name Motor on purpose.
A motor gets things moving and creates progress – and that’s what we want to accomplish with our work. Communication and advertising should sell goods, shift attitudes and change preferences.

That’s what we do from our office at Kronprinsessegade 54, where we share a canteen and other facilities with Frankly Web – one of Denmark’s best digital agencies.


The core group at Motor includes Flemming Thomsen, Carsten Michelsen and Julie Wick.

We all have a history at both Danish and international advertising agencies – as well as diverse backgrounds on the creative side and in design, strategy and project management. That means solid and well-documented hands-on experience with everything from cars to politics to pharmaceuticals to Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

We are inquisitive and always eager to learn something new. We’d be glad to discuss your challenges over a cup of coffee at Kronprinsessegade 54.

MOTOR agency ApS
VAT.: 35488235
Kronprinsessegade 54, 4
1306 Copenhagen K
Phone.: +45 7244 0609

We’re always open to inquiries from potential new customers or talented advertising specialists.
Call us, or send us an email.

Flemming Thomsen / CEO +45 20 40 27 39

Carsten Michelsen / Creative Director +45 20 27 70 77

Julie Wick / Account Director +45 20 95 98 45