The splendours of the garden

Somersby’s universe has for many years been anchored in an optimistic outlook on life and carefree time spent with friends enjoying each other’s company over a cold Somersby cider. The stage is set in the most amazing garden, where animals and people interact in an almost dreamlike and playful manner.

And that was indeed the brief when Motor Agency got the project: Create the next global campaign for Somersby Apple Cider. We wanted to render the sense of community in a new light that could give both people and animals a wonderful shared task: Let’s build a beautiful “machine” that can open and pour seven Somersby ciders into seven glasses with ice! The location was an incredibly scenic castle garden in South Africa. Everything was done purely mechanically with no use of cinematic tricks or computer animation … ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL? The result was a multichannel campaign package that included: TVCs, digital assets for SoMe, mobile games, activations and campaign print ads.

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